[Forming a Party]
[Energy Drink Product Placement]
[Evolving A For Fun and Profit]
[It's Not Pokemon, Really]
[The Phantom]
[Performance Enhancing Potions]
[Not Even My Final Form]
[Still Not My Final Form]
[High Fantasy Sci-Fi Mashup]
[Spelunking Adventure]
[Island Hopping]
[Pestering Geriatrics]
[Deep Sea Cactus]
[I Fail At Math]
[Bar Brawl]
[Guard Duty]
[Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal]
[Wrestlemania CDXXIII]
[Meet The New Annoyance]
[Four People, One Bike]
[High Fantasy Power Plant]
[Homer Simpson, 12th Lvl Technician]
[Grim Consequences]
[Guide Dang It]
[The Got Dark Quickly]
[Ashura's Wrath]
[The Fall]
[The Fivefold Dragon]
[Familiar Faces]